Wall Ball Workout

Wall Ball can be accomplished with a mini stick and sponge ball! Find some wall space in your basement and start going to work. If you can get outside, do it! First make sure your stick can throw correctly! Some mini sticks aren’t strung well and need to be changed. Always do wall ball with a stick that can throw well.

The wall ball work out is built to get your hands better during the off-season. Wall ball is like dribbling, or shooting a basketball. You need reps to get your hands better. The better your hands get, the better you are, the more fun you’ll have!!! This workout is geared toward each age group. We’ve attached a video to see how to break down certain form.

You will have measured reps for each throwing technique. You will also time this. The better you get the less time it will take you to do the drills. Really try to get the ball in and out of your stick as fast as possible as you get better. Race the clock with good quality form and function and you’ll see vast improvement!

3rd and 4th Grade: Goal is 3 times per week!

5th and 6th Grade: Goal is 3-4 times per week!

7th and 8th Grade: Goal is 4-5 times per week!